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Edible Microalgae
Health Research
Edible Microalgae
Health Research

>   Introduction  
>   Edible Microalgae  
>   Enhanced Brain Function  
>   Improved Immunity  
>   Antibacterial Effects  
>   Improved Cellular Repair  
>   Radiation Protection  
>   Cancer Protective Effects  
>   Detoxification Support  
>   Antioxidant Effects  
>   Improved Heart Function  
>   Allergy and Asthma Relief  
>   Safety Issues  
>   References  
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Ancient organic molecules
These kinds of threads are repeated countless times throughout nature. Ancient organic molecules, such as amino acids, which were found in blue-green microalgae at the dawn of life, now act as basic building blocks for all of earth?s creatures. Potent antioxidants (e.g., beta-carotene or glutathione) that originated in primitive microalgae are conserved and widely used across nature. Likewise, essential fatty acids (EFAs) are critical structural components of cell membranes and play a foundational role in our brain chemistry. Microalgae are the primary source of EFAs in the food chain! In short, microalgae at the bottom of the food chain provide an ancient biomolecular pharmacopoeia upon which most of cellular life now depends.

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Edible Microalgae - Chlorophyll
Amino Acids
Edible Microalgae - Amino Acids
Edible Microalgae - Antioxidants
Edible Microalgae - Pharmacopoeia

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